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10th January 2006

5:25pm: Kidlets I'm super sorry but I am going to have to leave this RP. It is a great one and I really enjoyed my time here but with work and my social schedule lately I just haven't had the time to devote to the RPs that I used to. And when school starts its only going to get more hectic so somethings got to go and unfortunately it is this RP. I heart all of you muchness though and I am still in other RPs with most of you? I think? I will still be on my Spinner SN since I play spinner in the community I moderate also, and most of you have my ooc SN and my ooc journal name so we will most def keep in touch. Sorry again!

Peace out Girl Scouts!

26th December 2005

9:55am: Christmas sucked. I saw my sister and my mom. I got in a huge fight with my dad. He still thinks I'm a disgrace to my family. I mean, I've tried to fix things, what more does he want? Anyway, my mom and my sister want me to come home. My dad, not so much. At least I tried though. I can at least say I tried.
I got home and I went right to sleep. Sort of neglected paige. Yeah, I feel bad about that.

We need to have a post christmas thank god it's over celebration, I think. Me, Paige, Craig, and the gypsy lady. ANyone else wanna come with?

8th December 2005

7:48pm: So I fixed it. I said I would and I did. I think. And I started a new tradition I guess? And I finally got laid. Not gonna lie. I didn't do everything yesterday for that, but that part didn't suck either haha Started looking for a new job today. Called my mom. she wasn't home. I left a message. I'm going to work up to calling my dad, I think. And yeah. Beyond that. I'm just... really really happy right now.

Really really really... happy. hah.

3rd December 2005

7:08am: So. Here's a totally made up situation for people to think about.

Your ex girlfriend cheats on her boyfriend with you repeatedly. not just once oops I didnt mean to kiss you it was an accident. But like, every night for a month you make out with her in her room and she has a boyfriend. Whatever. It's wrong. But you do it anyway.

She finally breaks up with her boyfriend, you and her get back together. Then like less than a month you find her all cozy at your work with her ex boyfriend- the one who she cheated on with you. And then she is like "he came over to the house and we worked things out and we're friends now"

uhhhhh, what the fuck? How would YOU react to that? Probably really pissed off.
Oh yeah, and I'm not a fag, but thanks for talking. I'm sure the opinions of a crackhead are really important.

But yeah, I moved out of paige's house. I've been sleeping in my car. I miss her so much. And I really actually wanna believe she wasn't cheating on me. But like, it's jay. It has taken a lot of willpower not to call her the last two days. Gotta have some pride, you know?

Whatever I'm at the library right now. I should probably go look for a job or something. Since my paycheck is already going faster than I thought.So that's it for now.


1st December 2005

4:27pm: And it's beginning to snow.Collapse )

29th November 2005

9:59am: tis the seasonCollapse )

28th November 2005

7:43am: Just a quick update. Work sucks. I think I'm going to quit my job after christmas.
Still nothing from my parents. At all. Yeah, it is starting to hurt. It's like they really don't even care. and I haven't even been drunk since that night. Dammit. But it's a-okay because living with Paige fully rules. Even if I'm still not getting any. Hah. Craig is back from his romantic weekend with Gypsy. So hopefully the three of us can all ahng out- the four of us if he brings her along. And yeah, I guess that is it. Except paige has some mystery hting we have to do thursday. Im concerned.

21st November 2005

6:55am: Christmas time is heeeeere. Almost.

It's getting cold. It's getting snowy. It's time to do really annoying fucking christmas shopping. Everyone expects you to get some really good meaningful gift and I suck at that. Luckily I only have one person to buy for. Except I might buy stuff for my family too and just leave it for them.

Spinner the homeless bum has a new temporary residence. I am now housing my trash bags full of clothes at the Casa Michalchuk. In Dylan's room. Which is cool. Or you know, in Paige's room. It's good to feel close to at least someone. And with paige we skipped that whole getting to know you phase of the relationship. .We know each other. We know we love each other. It's all just really comfortable.

Went to the Dot with Paige last night because she wanted chicken salad and I'm a cheap guy. Plus the dot is free. We fought. I said stupid stuff. About parents. Apparently I dont cherish mine enough and one of hers is gone and she's really not as cool with it as she likes to say that she is. So I spent the night with her, kept her company. Held her and fell asleep. I think that was our first fight since all of this started. And if it was, making up is probably one of the best feelings I can think of.

Alright well I'm off to school. Ugh. Pointless. I'll see y'all around.

10th November 2005

11:58am: The hardest person to stop is the guy with nothing left to lose...
Jay Hogart is a fucking idiot.
That's my statement of the obvious for the day.

Last night I hung out with paige. She was kind of bummed because her boyfriend- correction, her EX boyfriend- is a douchebag times ten, so we went to the beach and she yelled and got pissed off and tried to get me to sleep with her stuff. I hope it made her feel better. And don't think I didnt want to sleep with her either. I really really REALLY did, and in a different situation, I would not have hesitated to. But she was just upset and she, I dunno wanted to get back at jay or something. So afterwards she would only have regretted it, and like cried or something. And I didnt want her to feel worse. I'm not te type of guy to take advantage of someone like that.

Guess I'm hanging out with her again tonight too. Dinner or something. A date? Maybe? That would be awesome. I mean, the past few months have been hell. I lost my family, my house, my chances at college- things really fucking suck right now, and I dont want to put feeling better all on her, but it definitely helps. You know?

Guess that's all I have to say. Except that when Hogart comes down from whatever he's on he'd better be smart for once and stay the fuck away from her. He hurt her. I can't fucking stand that bastard. And I've got nothing left to lose except her, so I'm definitely not going to let him screw things up AGAIN.

I'm still supposed to hang out with Ashley sometime soon. Thats gonna be awkward And I want to meet up with craig if he's not too busy macking it with his gypsy girlfriend. And my roomie amy. If she's not too busy screwing peter. The walls in this house are paper thin. Hearing them go at it while I'm trying to watch cartoons? Definitely my least favorite thing ever.

Guess thats it for now kids! Peace out girl scouts!


31st October 2005

6:12am: Not much has been going on lately. Been hanging around with paige. I hate this whole secret relationship thing. I care about her a lot and I just want ot tell people that. I want to take her out places instead of sneaking to her house at night. It's really lame. I wish she'd just make a damn choice already. Even if it's not me.

And I need to find a new place to live sometime in the next few weeks. Anyone looking for a roomie? I slipped and finished off the bottle of stoli in my dad's office and my parents found out and lost it. They want me out. Which sucks. Yeah. things suck lately.

Guess that's it.

28th October 2005

10:30am: Ficletttt
And when it gets cold outside and I got nobody to love
Understand what I mean when I say there's no way we're gonna give up
And like a lady who cries in the face of the monster that lives in her dreams

Is there anyone out there cause it's getting harder and harder to breathe....Collapse )

26th October 2005

6:53am: Went out with Kerwin last night. There was serenading and haunted house-ing and fry stealing. And kissing She's a fun girl. A little bit of a lame-o. who ACTUALLY gets scared at haunted houses? ;) And you know, she did threaten to steal my food at the dot, in which case I woulda had to take action against her. But I won't hold all of that against her.

I am going to be ashley kerwin for halloween!!! I'm going to borrow her "non-existent" hanson shirt from that concert she "didn't" go to and wear that with some eyeliner and girl pants and be emo. It's going to be good. Don't be jealous that I'm not being you for halloween, folks. You're just not cool enough.

Craig and his Fiancee are getting married at the palm reading place on halloween, I heard. It's going to be a great ceremony. I'm really happy for those two crazy kids.

I kissed ashley last night. And all those thing paige was saying were running through my mind. Goddamn her. She ruins everything. I like ashley, but sometimes its like, when I'm with her, I'm wishing she was somebody else. Someone who half the time I hate so much I can't see straight. Someone who has a fucking boyfriend but didn't seem to mind kissing me the other night. What a bitch. Iknew this was going to happen. I knew I needed to stay away from her. She fucks me up all the time. I need a goddamn drink.

Guess that's it. School calls. Peace out girl scouts.


25th October 2005

4:08am: I want her so bad that it makes me hate her.

Hanging out with Kerwin today. Should be good. Missed hanging out with that hanson lover. ;)
Other than that life has been boring lately. Lots of soccer and work and paige on my back about college. You can stop trying to control my life now thanks.

I told her I like ashley and she got all pissy. Part o fme really does like ashley. But the other part of me just wanted to make her realize that this whole thing she and I have going on is kind of fucked up. I'm not going to be that pathetic guy who waits around until she decides she'd rather be with me. I'm also not going to be that guy who is with a girl who has a boyfriend. Fuck that. Fuck all of it.

19th October 2005

6:26am: Mind readers are fake as all hell.
Went to see a palm reader with Craig and Paige the other night. It was fucking scary lame. She brought up my drinking problem. I flipped out. I didn't know what to do. It was a coincidence or something. Because that's not me. It's just not. And then we had waffles. Waffles are the shit. Craig got a date with the palm reader lady and Paige got back together with Jay and we all lived happily ever after. Except Spinner. Who still gets freaked out by drinking and who still doesn't sleep well because he's used to making sure nobody robs him at night and who can't fucking TELL anyone about it because he's so damn ashamed. And he's also talking in the third person...

Last night I went to Paige's house because she practically forced coffee down my throat. She showed me her halloween costume.... which is.... interesting. And she tried to make me watch Sisterhood of the traveling pants. I dont watch movies about pants, sorry. And we had ice cream. Which Paige ruined because she is an ice cream ruiner, I guess. We cleaned up and I started really really wanting to kiss her. I don't know why. and I left.

Except not. I went back and we kissed. She definitely kissed me back. I know she has a boyfriend and he's crazy and would probably kill me. But I don't care. I don't. I know we're friends and she doesnt like me or whatever, but I don't care. It was just one of those things you have to do. Like climbing mount everest or something. Haha, except not? Plus I really like ashley. A lot. I think.

I'm gonna go do school now, I guess.


11th October 2005

11:21am: So for two days I've really been wrestling with this. It's become a real inner struggle. It's so hard to keep something like this bottled up inside, you know? It eats away at you and it gets to the point where it's all you think about. Should I do the right thing and let it out? I mean, something like this shouldn't stay hidden forever. Or should I be a good friend and not say a word? Something like this could destroy people. Break hearts. It's like finding out there is no santa claus.
After two full days of sleepless nights and thinking it over... and over... and over... I realize now that something needs to be said. For everyone's own good. Are you ready? Are you sitting down?


I told you I owed you one, Kerwin. ;)
Hung out with the hanson fan herself on Sunday. She came to my house and we jammed. It's been a long time since I've gotten to play drums with anything other than the stereo. IT was cool. And then we had a drink and we were making fun of each other and I JOKINGLY said she liked hanson and she admitted it. I was as shocked as you were, folks. Shocked and sad. :( ---just like that. She is also the president of the lamekids club. If you are lame and have no friends, you should think about joining. I promise you, you won't regret it.

Hah, and then she started shouting lies about how I like NKOTB? Please. Don't make me laugh. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my entire life. And I didn't even say it. So that's pretty suprising. She shouted it to all of her neighbors, so I had to get her back with the above statement.

Uh, when did Kerwin get so not... annoying? And cute. She made me laugh a lot. I totally didn't want to leave so I ended up just hanging around her house after I dropped her off and talking some more. I haven't talked with a person that much since I moved into my car. It was really really nice. Hah, but I don't like her.No way. She has dated... um, all of my friends except marco,a nd that doesnt count because he does not even like the ladies. And I dont really stand a chance with her? I mean, I told craig I kinda liked her and he was like "good luck" hah. Stupid emo asshole. Plus if Jimmy came back he'd probably beat the shit out of me. Or... haha, TRY to beat the shit out of me. TRY being the big word here.

Guess I could go to class now. Or I could, you know not. And then soccer practice and then AA and then work. It's going to be an alright day, kids. I really feel like I'm back to my old spinnery self.
Kerwin, I still owe you a birthday present. One that is not an imaginary pony or a dinner that I am pretty sure I didn't pay for? Gimme ideas.

8th October 2005

8:00am: So I just opened my email... and wow. Wow wow wow. On the one hand. Wow. But on the other hand, that was pretty stupid on some people's part. I almost feel bad for her. But then, oh wait, I dont. Karma's a bitch, I guess.

Love it or hate it, them's the facts, man.

7th October 2005

6:22am: Things have been boring lately. Guess that's just cause I'm not drunk all the time as entertaining as I used to be. I miss Riley, I think. A lot. But what can you do now, huh?

This band thing needs to happen soon. I am starting to get worried that it really IS possible to die of boredom.

27th September 2005

6:14pm: Don't steal my pringle tennis balls!
Things have been lame since I resurfaced, unfortunately. So I haven't really updated. Hung out with Heather Sinclair a few days ago. And then I was SUPPOSED to hang out with tennis ball stealer riley, but girls can never make up their minds, so we couldnt pick anything to do. Hahaha.

Then I went to the Dot after work the other day. Alex was there and said some stupid shit. it really fucking pisses me off when, after everything, she calls me a fucking alcoholic. She's lucky I'm not crazy like rick murray because I really just wanted to punch her. She's white trash and she needs to grow the fuck up now. She's not even funny. She got into a fight with heather. It was the lamest fight I've ever seen in my whole life. I don't know why heather even bothered. And alex needs anger management classes. She was fully manly and lesbianic with the fighting.

Gave paige a ride home.... yeah. I hate that I don't hate her. It pisses me off, and with everything that happened... its awkward and stupid and I just really dont want to even have to see her anywhere anymore. She made a comment about the stuff in my car and I wanted to be like "yeah, I was homeless." but I didnt. I don't want to get into the same situation as before. I tell her nothing.

Been talking to Kerwin a lot too. Yeah. thats about it.

For now.
Spinner, out.

24th September 2005

8:41am: Guess I'll give you guys a real update now, since I've got some time.
Where have I been lately? At least three people have asked me that in the last couple of days. I give them the short answer. The easy one. "I've been busy. Getting my shit together." Cause let's be real here, nobody wants to hear the long answer anyway.

Long answer is, after all that bullshit with my accident and stuff, my parents gave me an ultimatum. Get it back together or move out. I pretty much told them to screw off and took off. Lived in my fucking car for a little while. Yeah. I was homeless. It sucked. But I sort of alienated a lot of people with my drinking and I guess I thought that everyone was making a big deal out of nothing. Trying to ruin my fun. I thought I didn't need them. Guess I was wrong. Lost my job. Stopped going to school. Woke up one day and realized how fucked up everything was. And yeah, I moved back in with my parents. Started going to AlaTeen. "Hi my name is Gavin, and I'm an alcoholic."

Got my job at the dot back. Started going to school again. Even got back on the soccer team, most recently. Need something to take up my free time. because lonely and bored makes me miss drinking in my car. At least that was something to do.

As far as paige goes. Guess I hope her and jay are really fucking miserable happy together. I would have done anything for her. I was in love with her and we both knew it. And she treated me like shit. Part of kicking my habit means getting rid of all those toxic parts of my life. Paige is toxic. She's just as addicting. I'm done with that. All of it. So remember that. when your relationship goes to hell and you're feeling low, I'm not going to be there. Screw.

And yeah. I guess that's it, kids. Looking to do some cool stuff with some cool kids. So if you think you're cool enough, drop a line.


22nd September 2005

2:19pm: Have you ever noticed that people do really dumb things when they're bored? In Kwan's class, I have stuck 47 pencils into the ceiling tiles over the course of the last four years. I can't tell you how many desks I have scribbled kid elrick lyrics on. Some call it vandalism, I call it music education, bitches.

But Media Immersions is by far the most boring class out there. No offense to snake or Mr. O. But I mean, come on. Computer classes? Toby Isaacs and my sister and other nerds can take that. It shouldn't be mandatory. We should get to pick something else to take for a class. Something we can use in our real lives. I would probably pick ultimate frisbee.

The point to that? I am actually bored enough to make a damn livejournal. Yeah, that's right. Now all you underprivilaged kids who I don't hang out with can actually listen in on my life. You're welcome.

Spinner Mason would be the name. Canada's sexiest percussionist, waiter, and soccer player. Don't get jealous kids. I'm 17 years old, and I go to Degrassi Community School. It sucks, but I really only have a few more months until I graduate. Seniors, baby! Woot!!! Getting the hell out of here. I want to play soccer at college and major in like, the three stooges or something.

When I'm not at school or soccer practice, or practicing my drums, or hanging out with my cool homies. (hah) I work. I am a waiter at the dot. Best damn waiter there is. I get the best tips too. Because I'm fast, friendly, and damn handsome. Duh.

I guess I should probably cut this really pointless entry short, since the bell rang and my class already left. I'm willing to bet my teacher knows that I am not THAT interested in MI.

If you guys want to do something later and you are cool, drop me a line. drummersRsexy2
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