g_spinner_mason (g_spinner_mason) wrote,

The hardest person to stop is the guy with nothing left to lose...

Jay Hogart is a fucking idiot.
That's my statement of the obvious for the day.

Last night I hung out with paige. She was kind of bummed because her boyfriend- correction, her EX boyfriend- is a douchebag times ten, so we went to the beach and she yelled and got pissed off and tried to get me to sleep with her stuff. I hope it made her feel better. And don't think I didnt want to sleep with her either. I really really REALLY did, and in a different situation, I would not have hesitated to. But she was just upset and she, I dunno wanted to get back at jay or something. So afterwards she would only have regretted it, and like cried or something. And I didnt want her to feel worse. I'm not te type of guy to take advantage of someone like that.

Guess I'm hanging out with her again tonight too. Dinner or something. A date? Maybe? That would be awesome. I mean, the past few months have been hell. I lost my family, my house, my chances at college- things really fucking suck right now, and I dont want to put feeling better all on her, but it definitely helps. You know?

Guess that's all I have to say. Except that when Hogart comes down from whatever he's on he'd better be smart for once and stay the fuck away from her. He hurt her. I can't fucking stand that bastard. And I've got nothing left to lose except her, so I'm definitely not going to let him screw things up AGAIN.

I'm still supposed to hang out with Ashley sometime soon. Thats gonna be awkward And I want to meet up with craig if he's not too busy macking it with his gypsy girlfriend. And my roomie amy. If she's not too busy screwing peter. The walls in this house are paper thin. Hearing them go at it while I'm trying to watch cartoons? Definitely my least favorite thing ever.

Guess thats it for now kids! Peace out girl scouts!

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It did make me feel better, I can't say thank you enough.

See you tonight.
We don't have to hang out if you don't want to. I don't wanna mess up anyother plans you have..
Nice opener.
ew, i can't believe you even brought that creep up.