g_spinner_mason (g_spinner_mason) wrote,

Spinner shuffled in from the closing shift at the dot a little after ten o'clock, dropping his backpack by the door and kicking off his shoes as he sank down onto the couch. It was amazing how comfortable and how at home he already felt here. How happy he was. Christmas could be a real bummer since he was completely alone. His family had abandoned him, ashamed of him, and kicked him out to fend for himself. He frowned thinking about it. It did sting, to be by yourself at the holidays.

He caught sight of the tree out of the corner of his eye- half set up, boxes of ornaments everywhere, and he walked over to it thoughtfully, sighing.

It was no secret that paige had been sort of down about the holidays. She freaked out about her family to him, she was moody. He knelt by the tree. He was making messes of the house, being his normal obnoxious self. He screwed things up on a regular basis. Just like at home. And he could tell she had been really sad recenlty. He should do something to cheer her up, he thought. He crouched by the tree and finished setting it up. It made him laugh to think how many Christmases past his dad had to fight with him over who was going to do this- setting up the tree and the lights. He was so lazy, he never wanted to do it. He always relied on his parents to do pretty much everything that made the holidays great.

He finished the lights and put the star on the tree before heading to bed- it was almost midnight. He decided to leave the ornaments for her, not wanting to mess up any Christmas tradition she might have.

He had always relied on his family to make the holidays special, he thought as he got ready to sleep. But this year Paige was all the family he had, and he didn't know how yet, but maybe he could stop screwing up and make things special for her for once.
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