g_spinner_mason (g_spinner_mason) wrote,

Spinner turned off the ignition of his car because he was almost out of gas. He was just outside the school parking lot. The check he'd cashed in his pocket needed to last him with food and whatever else he needed until he found a new job, he knew that. Maybe it wasn't too late to beg the old man to let him work again. Or talk to his parents. Or paige.

He shook his head. That wasn't an option. His dignity and his pride were pretty much the only things he had left, aside from the clothes and shit piled in his car. He looked outside. It was beginning to snow. And it was dark out. Plus he had nowhere to go. Nothing to do but sleep. He climbed into the back seat and wrapped himself in the clothes he had there, shivering a little. But the clothes were an alright blanket. And his back seat was very comfortable. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. He didn't need anyone around to make things good but him.

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