g_spinner_mason (g_spinner_mason) wrote,

Don't steal my pringle tennis balls!

Things have been lame since I resurfaced, unfortunately. So I haven't really updated. Hung out with Heather Sinclair a few days ago. And then I was SUPPOSED to hang out with tennis ball stealer riley, but girls can never make up their minds, so we couldnt pick anything to do. Hahaha.

Then I went to the Dot after work the other day. Alex was there and said some stupid shit. it really fucking pisses me off when, after everything, she calls me a fucking alcoholic. She's lucky I'm not crazy like rick murray because I really just wanted to punch her. She's white trash and she needs to grow the fuck up now. She's not even funny. She got into a fight with heather. It was the lamest fight I've ever seen in my whole life. I don't know why heather even bothered. And alex needs anger management classes. She was fully manly and lesbianic with the fighting.

Gave paige a ride home.... yeah. I hate that I don't hate her. It pisses me off, and with everything that happened... its awkward and stupid and I just really dont want to even have to see her anywhere anymore. She made a comment about the stuff in my car and I wanted to be like "yeah, I was homeless." but I didnt. I don't want to get into the same situation as before. I tell her nothing.

Been talking to Kerwin a lot too. Yeah. thats about it.

For now.
Spinner, out.
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